Our special research focuses on the "New Asia", "Asia-Pacific Relations and US-Asia Interaction","Demography, human rights and labour markets",and "Political Economy and Economic Development". This research program is designed to advise clients who’re interested in a broader understanding of the regional and geopolitical Strategy, human environment, and economic development. It can be of great help for the clients on local investments.

New Asia

1. Focusing on Asian countries and industries whose economies are achieving new growth and breakthroughs

2. Describing the value systems, business practices, social customs and characteristics of Asia and individual Asian countries

3. Revealing the intra-regional relations of Asian countries and the possible implications for the future of the international community

Asia-Pacific Relations and US-Asia Interaction

1. Focusing on a more competitive US-China relationship , Japan's security policy towards China, South Korea's security interests beyond the Korean peninsula, and India's strategic outlook,etc in the post-epidemic era

2. Following on Southeast Asia's dilemma in the rise of the global economy and its implications for regional security

3. Assessing power competition and the new regional security dynamics.

Demography, human rights and labour markets

1. Analyzing the interaction of politics, welfare and labour markets in the Southeast Asia region

2. Focusing on population fluctuations, health and human rights defence

Political Economy and Economic Development

1. Focusing on the growth patterns and macro dynamics of Asia-Pacific economies

2. Applying relevant economic theories and concepts to explain trends and ranges of volatility in Asia-Pacific economies

3. Gaining insights into the key economic policy challenges facing Asia-Pacific economies, as well as discussing and designing appropriate policy responses