With a research focus on the three areas of "Asia-Pacific International Relations," "Asia-Pacific Economic Development," and "Asia-Pacific Military Security," we aim to create a platform for understanding the challenges and opportunities presented by political, economic, military, and other strategic developments in the Asia-Pacific region. Meanwhile, we are also working to raise awareness of the Asia-Pacific region, ASEAN and its international activities, and increasing our researches on various aspects and issues such as stability and security, economic development, political, social and cultural change, so that we can serve our clients' current and future consulting needs more efficiently and precisely.

Asia-Pacific International Relations

1. Providing policy advice on strategic interests, regional and international issues in the Asia-Pacific region

2. Areas include: regional security studies, foreign policy, US-China power contesting, and political and military affairs in Southeast Asia

Asia-Pacific Economic Development

1. Providing policy advice on economic development and investment environment in the Asia-Pacific region

2. Areas included: macroeconomic policy, trade and investment, banking and finance, industrial and infrastructure development, human capital and labor market development

Asia-Pacific Military Security

1. Providing objective analysis and policy-related research on various aspects of military and defense in the Asia-Pacific region

2. Answering client concerns by generating and disseminating knowledge on defense and security-related issues

3. Areas included: traditional and non-traditional security issues in the Asia-Pacific region, with a particular focus on issues related to the Southeast Asia region