Asia-Pacific Affairs Research Center (APARC) is a new private research institute based in Singapore that provides quality consulting services to clients on international affairs and sustainability issues. While we focus on providing excellent one-on-one consulting services, we also share our research with our clients by providing a variety of paid publications.

With the focus on key issues that affecting the Asia-Pacific region and its national and global relations, we are committed to providing a full range of information and policy advice for government departments, business communities, and democratic groups in the Asia-Pacific region by our advisory services. We conduct the most researches on international relations, foreign policy, and economic development in the Asia-Pacific region, with features on humanities, technology, innovation, and environmental researches in Southeast Asia, which has become one of the core competencies of APARC .

We have a highly qualified and multidisciplinary research team which is made up of university scholars, retired diplomats and distinguished civil society researchers, and meanwhile we are seeking to collaborate with more prominent scholars from Europe and the United States. Our dedicated research teams in Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Seoul, Hong Kong and Taiwan are an important part of our advisory services, which contribute to provide our clients with first-hand local information.

Since APARC was established, we have won the extensive trust from the clients in various fields with our high-quality consulting services. In the future, we’ll further optimize our consulting services, and also try to disseminate our research results to the public at no cost in the form of public welfare and contribute to the development of regional society.

Research Fields