Asia-Pacific Insight

As part of our consulting services, we disseminate our research and insights through an active publications program, which includes our journal Asia-Pacific Insight, topical event reports, and policy briefs.

Our publication Asia-Pacific Insight is a paid subscription and targeted online journal with a social science base and a focus on theoretical and practical links, following on a wide range of issues related to politics, economics, security, foreign policy and international relations of countries in the Asia-Pacific region that are interdisciplinary and policy-relevant.

Our specific publications include the following six modules.

1. Current Affairs and Hot Topics Coverage

2. Foreign Policy and Security

3. US Asia-Pacific Policy

4. Asia-US Relations Research

5.ASEAN Partners and Regions

6. Asia-Pacific Economic Development

Our subscribing clients include policy makers, scholars, renowned research institutions, and business leaders and elites in a wide range of fields from around the world and multinational corporations. We cordially welcome and invite individuals and companies with an interest in international affairs in Asia Pacific to join us as members, and we will provide you with high-quality information services.

Welcome to call us at 6778 0955 or visit us at [email protected] for subscription, if you’re interested in our publication.



APARC research team is tracking the international and Asia-Pacific regional politic, economic and military affairs all along with publication of surveys and research reports on major issues from time to time, so as to provide the clients with the latest and deepest insight information.